Waterloo 26th June, Horse and Stables, 124 Westminster Bridge Road.

Rochester 27th July The George Vaults, 35 High Street. 

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Walking to Edinburgh
There & Back Again
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Welcome to Jolly Roger's
(Website is under construction so some part wont work!!)

John Pendal's Edinburgh Preview Show ..... Show
We are more the ecstatic to announce on the 13th of March the wonderful John Pendal will be performing his Edinburgh preview show "How to Escape From Stuff" at Jolly Roger's Waterloo. The night will still be open for walk in spots before and after!! WOOP!

Rochester Success
Happy to announce that Rochester was a huge success and will now be a monthly thing! So get in contact to book a table or spot!

New Gig!!!!!
2017 is here and we are hitting the ground running, not only did we break our record with 31 acts on the first gig of the year but we have also invaded Rochester. That's right we have a second venue at The George Vaults in Rochester, same rules apply so get in contact and get a spot!!

Christmas Gig Friday 23rd
Here we go!! Last show of the year and WHAT a year it has been!! Thank you to everyone who has performed/supported stand up comedy. SO come down put your feet up, have a beer and watch some of the best acts of the year ...MERRY BLOODY CHRISTMAS!!

Christmas Show
We currently have no date for December due to the room being fully booked and a slight refurb. We are working on getting a room as we speak. if not we will have an early January show. Hope to see you all soon, if not in the new year!! Merry Christmas from Jolly Roger's HQ (Mike's bed)

Guest Host 24th October
We are very excited to announce we have a guest host on the 24th. A Street performer, Stand up comic, writer and all round amazing guy Tommy West!

October 10th Gig
Thank you to all those who came down and performed/supported stand up comedy. It was a very quiet one however the acts were 1st class!

Unfortunatly our website hosting provider went bust and their for our website crashed and we lost pretty much everything ....MEGA SAD FACE!!! So we are starting from scratch and can only apologize to our 4 regular visitors.

We have got the Twitter thing now .....not sure exactly how to use it ...we have 4 followers ...Pretty sure one is an "Escort" @ClubJollyRogers

There and Back Again
So our next comedy venture .....or as we will later call it "Seemed such a good idea at the time" is walking from London to Edinburgh for the fringe festival. We will be writing our Edinburgh show on the way, Raising money for charity and getting well and truely smashed. More Details